Ponoko is a completely unique new business model with an eye on the future of manufacturing and global consumerism "Essentially it's all about intellectual property rather than physical product."

Centralized mass manufacturing is based on the access to cheap energy and labour. While phenomenally successful it has significant downsides. Digital manufacturing technology has reached a point where it is possible to implement a manufacturing system that is decentralized.

A decentralized manufacturing platform allows the design, distribution and manufacturing of products to be integrated back into the communities that consume the products. This means that products are relevant to local needs and at a volume that matches local demand.

Conversely a decentralized manufacturing platform also gives geographically distant designers and creators direct access to a global market, without having to incur the cost of the current systems. For a country like New Zealand this means that designers and creators can reach the world without having to bear the burden of distance. In this system exporting a product is exporting it's data, not it's atoms.

Note: This project was not considered by the WSA at the last moment as an unexpected international opportunity required a longer than anticipated confidentiality clause.
Category: e-Business

Support and optimisation of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce, business to business, business to consumers, Internet security and other areas; supporting SMEs on the marketplace.