The Kitchen

The Kitchen presents a revolutionary approach to food safety training, simulating a commercial kitchen environment in full touch-screen 3D. Within this simulated context, trainees are taught the basic principles and application of good food safety, giving them a real world context for the application of these skills and ensuring high transference of knowledge from simulation to workplace.

This disruptive new solution will engage a broader audience than any other food safety standards before it, ultimately resulting in better food hygiene standards worldwide.

This highly innovative collaboration utilising ICT, is being trialed internationally and will, it seems, replace standard courses for food preparation/hygiene.
"We believe this is a world first - working on prevention seems very smart"

Category: e-Health
Straylight Studios

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Developing the consumer-centred model of health care where stakeholders collaborate, utilising ICT, including Internet technologies to manage health issues as well as the health care system.