Geneious is a platform independent, Java-based, web-enabled application. It allows scientists to swiftly search, organize and analyze genomic information. Geneious has been created by scientists for scientists. It includes unique features, such as patented data mining algorithms with connections to the world's most important scientific databases, secure collaboration features, and tools like interactive teaching tutorials and plug-ins developed by leading scientists.

With the world's bio-information stores doubling every year since the human genome was sequenced, Candace Toner of Biomatters says that prior to Geneious, at least four discrete applications and a supercomputer were required for even the most basic aspects of comparative genomics. Geneious of today is a Java 1.5 application, utilising SWING for the GUI, XML as the file format and open source libraries such as the Java Evolutionary Biology Libraries (JEBL).

Geneious is presently used by the New Zealand Advanced Research Network KAREN, universities and research institutions in New Zealand, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and the UK, as well as major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Category: e-Science

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