CUBE™ is an unconventional styled game and breaks away from the usual character based games while providing an exciting strategic puzzle challenge. Cube greatly challenges one's spatial skill, especially the ability to visualise and navigate in three-dimensional space.

Cube is a puzzle game with action elements, simple in concept and highly addictive. Set within a 3D cubic world, the player explores and discovers his/her way through suspended 3D platforms and mazes. Each themed level contains its own variety of contraptions specifically suited for the theme.

With simplistic and stylish graphics and an original sound track from New Zealand group Pitch Black, Cube enhances the popular puzzle game market by adding features such as playing within a real 3D world, full camera control and simple control systems.

Single and multiplayer modes, content creation and sharing, plenty of abstract puzzles and concepts will provide the player with endless re-playability aspects.

Cube will provide the fun factor that so many players expect in a game of this genre. Perfect for the handheld market Cube takes advantage of the features of the PSP. Cube has broad appeal and is suitable for ages 3 years plus and encompasses the challenge of puzzle games for strategists of all levels from children to masters while providing action elements to broaden the player's experience.

Developed by Metia Interactive & published by D3Publisher of America.

The Cube Game

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