Vanuatu: Ranet - Radio Networking

The RANET Rural Communications Demonstration Project, RANET, Radio Networking, aims to develop a simple but effective communications system to reach rural communities in their own language and in a way that all can readily understand.

The main aim of the RANET was to build communications bridges between centrally located sources of information and the remote rural communities. The information to be delivered includes climate and severe weather information, public health programs, agricultural information, educational information, and anything else which would be useful in improving the well being of rural communities.This project originated and was very successful in Africa and has been refined and applied to local conditions in Vanuatu. Fostering global collaboration in key areas of science with the next generation of infrastructure is well demonstrated by this great project.

The Niue installation is proceeding and will be fully operational soon having seen the value of the Vanautu project. Because the equipment supplied for these projects is simple and portable it was able to perform a very useful role during the disastrous cyclone Heta which caused much havoc in Niue earlier this year. It is envisaged that following the successful implementation of these three demonstration projects, donors will be invited to consider expansion to other areas and regions of the Pacific.

Category: e-Science

Fostering global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of infrastructure that will enable it; providing measures to promote and demonstrate scientific processes and make them accessible to citizens; scientific projects articulated through new media.