Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

In Māori, Te Ara means 'the pathway'. Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand offers many pathways to understanding New Zealand. Through interlinking text and image trails, the Encyclopedia takes you on a journey of discovery. Beginning with coverage of New Zealand's peoples, it will eventually present a comprehensive guide to New Zealand - its natural environment, history, culture, economics and government.

Te Ara's first theme introduces New Zealanders to one another and to the world. It explores the origins of New Zealanders - the voyages, the stories of settlement, and their rich and diverse heritages.

When complete Te Ara will consist of 9 themes and will be a comprehensive guide to the country's peoples, natural environment, history, culture, economy, institutions and society. New Zealand, because of its small scale, seems able to develop unique models. Te Ara can be explored in both Māori and English.

  • Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand is the world's first born-digital national encyclopedia. It was prepared for production during 2004 and went 'live' on 8 February 2005.
  • Te Ara is a major, 9-year project - content will be published to the web in thematic instalments.
  • Te Ara's first 'theme' provides an introduction to the peoples of New Zealand. It is a way of introducing everyone in the country to everyone else and ensures that all people in New Zealand can find something about their ancestors. There is also a major essay on the development of the New Zealanders as a people.
  • At the same time Te Ara provides full encyclopedic coverage of New Zealand by its inclusion of a series of overviews which present 'New Zealand In Brief', and a historical perspective through a digitised encyclopedia from the 1960s.
  • Te Ara is highly innovative in its layering of content for multiple audiences; in its design and information architecture it is a cutting edge production, especially in the use of multimedia content including audio, video and innovative maps.
  • Te Ara involves ordinary New Zealanders in the preparation of their national encyclopedia by including public contributions about specific topics.
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Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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