SaferSleep is a system based on sophisticated software to support process redesign underpinned by physical safety-related equipment (bar-coded drug labels, pre-filled syringes and specifically designed trays). It is designed to assist anaesthetists in administering drugs safely and creating an integrated and accurate patient record easily. It addresses the important clinical problems of drug administration error and inaccurate physical records in anaesthesia.

The SaferSleep record can be used directly in billing and inventory management, and for the creation of databases for audit and benchmarking in anaesthesia. At the heart of the system lies barcodes. When the drug barcode label is swiped with a barcode reader the software produces a visual and auditory (i.e. the name of the drug is spoken aloud) reminder of the drug about to be administered. It integrates the drug information with physiological data collected in real time from multiple patient monitors and creates a record of the anaesthetic. Algorithms support the processes of checking (e.g. for allergies, administering and comprehensively recording the anaesthetic.

The system is unusual in that it has been developed from principles of cognitive psychology and safe-system design in a research environment; evaluation and continuous improvement are integral to its development and this process has resulted in several peer reviewed publicaions in the anaesthesia literature. These publications (and our patents) are evidence of the novelty or our innovation, which is unique in the world.

In 2004 the Food and Drug Administration in the USA mandated that barcodes should be included on every drug; by that time our system had already been used in over 30,000 anaesthetics in New Zealand and we were well on the way to introducing it to the first site in America.

This unique innovation is resulting in safer anaethetics, using smaller and more accurate doses and thus creating better health whilst simultaneously reducing drugs bills substantially. International adoption and use of this process is building a fabulous world resource.

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