Lomak - Light Operated Mouse and Keyboard

Lomak has developed a revolutionary new computer keyboard for people with physical disabilities to access computers and the digital world with the same ease as
non disabled people. It is a complete rethink of what a computer keyboard can be that has caught the imagination of the disability world and beyond.

Many physically disabled people are non-verbal and wheelchair bound. For them, the digital world and the internet is the window of opportunity. Yet, this opportunity has largely been excluded from them. Lomak is bringing the disabled user into the e-community and the community at large.


At Lomak they not only want to provide computer access but access to information and opportunity. Lomak recognises that technology tools are only just that and for their market there are many barriers [social, societal, personal, educational, mental as well as the physical] preventing fuller participation in society and in life.

Accessibility and Freedom

For disabled people accessibility is freedom. Lomak offers fast and simple computer access which of itself is no simple achievement. But it also means affordability, availability, mobility, flexibility, in a word freedom.

  • Through digital access - freedom to learn, freedom to work, freedom to participate.
  • Through stunning contemporary design - a unique product of enviable quality giving freedom of expression
  • Through a [primarily] digitally delivered programme of interventions - freedom to compete on an equivalent basis with the able-bodied world

Pathways for Personal Development

Beyond the hardware, at Lomak there is a much broader philosophy on empowerment and inclusion. Lomak in conjunction with their partners are piloting a unique programme that provides users with an individual pathway for personal development. This may involve computer training, life coaching, mentoring, financial, career and education planning. It may be a unique intervention that opens up a world of opportunity. Where appropriate it is being delivered digitally.

Portal and Digital Resources

By providing a portal and digital resources, Lomak’s users will create their own e- content or e- community. Whether celebrating their success stories, contributing to ongoing product development or simply participating in the digital world they are ambassadors for Lomak and for the benefits and joys of e-inclusion.

Category: e-Inclusion

All measures supporting IT integration of least developed countries into the Information Society. Reducing the ‘digital divide’ and ‘content gap’ between technology-empowered and technology-excluded communities and groups – such as rural areas and women. Bridging society through multimedia.