Fonterra’s supplier website, Fencepost.com is a unique community/business channel used by Fonterra dairy farmers throughout New Zealand to monitor their business performance and stay in touch with the company and each other.

In the past year Fencepost.com has been refined to enhance the communication channel with Fonterra suppliers around the country to create a nationwide rural community of the future - online. Fencepost.com is also an important business tool providing Fonterra suppliers with up to the minute milk production and quality information giving farmers fast access to information that allows them to make decisions to better manage their farms.

One such example is how farmers can view the volume of milk a tanker has just picked up from their farm vat - within minutes of the tanker leaving the farm! Milk quality and component results are available the minute tests are finalised. This daily monitoring of production gives valuable insight into the effects and timing of on-farm inputs designed to enhance production or maintain milk quality throughout the season.

Fencepost.com has an ongoing aim to leverage the power of the internet to ensure best farming practises and productivity tools can be shared across the supplier base to ensure Fonterra suppliers remain as world leaders in milk production and milk quality.

Fencepost TV, introduced in the past year, now gives rural farmers in outlying areas the opportunity to view important events such as Annual Meetings on line and it features monthly video updates providing key Company information.

The ability for farmers to select their first and last collection of milk online has also been added, reducing administrative costs for the company and providing more accurate information for farmers and for scheduling of Fonterra's 450-strong tanker fleet, that is responsible for collecting over 14 billion litres of milk per annum.

Online voting in elections, calculations affecting capital expenditure for farmers in maintaining their co-operative memberships, forecasting of annual supply trends and payout predictors, livestock trading and classifieds advertising are other services provided by Fencepost.com while its Rural jobs database is hugely successful both within New Zealand and internationally.

Today more than 70% of Fonterra’s 11,500 farms are registered to utilise the site - these farms account for more than 80% of the company’s national milk production. A wide range of communication tools, productivity tools and interfaces with company systems are used on a daily basis by farmers spread throughout rural New Zealand.

Fencepost.com provides expert knowledge base articles, up to the minute awareness of environmental issues and solutions, sharing of information amongst suppliers through online discussion groups, and up to the minute communications with Fonterra - a truly national community and a truly national business tool.

In summary Fencepost.com has:

  • a rich set of information and management tools
  • breadth of information sources and links
  • power of two-way communication between the co-op and its farmer-shareholders
  • the ability to spread best-practice among farmers
  • the capability of creating a sense of community among rural users
  • promotion of broadband via Fonterra’s Telecom deal
  • good architecture and navigability

Note: Screen shots have been used as viewers are unable to access this site for detailed viewing due to security and privacy issues.

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