2003 Finalists

These two entries were finalists of the 2003 Awards.

e-Health - Mobile Medical Bus

Imaging New Zealand's smallest hospital: a 20 metre long, 39 tonne mobile surgical unit cruising the country. It is providing low-risk day surgery using local and regional healthcare professionals in a five week cycle. For emergency and complex surgery the bus is fitted with an interactive video system, providing local surgical teams with real time collaboration with expert colleagues off-site. The Mobile Surgical Service brings state-of-the-art expertise to the heartland of New Zealand

Jury Evaluation
The Mobile Surgical Service makes excellent use of ICT enabled contents and services to remove distance barriers. It extends best practice to the rural areas and becomes a training facility through the real time advice and exchange by the mobile surgical unit's patient information recording and medical management systems that provide timely information for the staff on patient history and monitors surgical processes. Through its intelligent use of static, interactive and real-time data, voice and visual information, it serves the needs of medical and healthcare professionals and should be considered for broader use and adoption in health and medical institutions.

e-Learning - Living Heritage

Living Heritage is an online billingual initiative that enables New Zealand schools to develop and publish an onliine resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community. Living Heritage preserves history and culture in a digital format for every generation, and allows children's voices to present a view of New Zealand on the World Wide Web. It is linked to the curriculum in schools. Working as individuals or in groups within their schools, students take the role of researchers, storytellers and web publishers telling unique stories of their region and families.

Jury Evaluation
Living Heritage stands out with its highly participatory approach to social history and contemporarry cultural life in New Zealand. The project develops and disseminates local cultural content created by primary and secondary students. The site is an extraordinary environment where students are producers of web content, creating an experience more engaging and constructive that merely viewing a cultural website. Students and schools can share their projects with anyone with interest in New Zealand's culture, whether European or Māori. Living Heritage provides a free online environment and self-publishing tools for a growing online collection of stories, hence contributing to the unique mosaic which is a nation's culture and history.

2003 Finalists
Mobile Medical Bus

Living Heritage